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This website aims to answer the questions, or at least make you consider the questions that you, as a new home builder should have regarding home automation and the digital age, why and when you should plan for the use of new digital age technologies and exactly how to go about this.

If you’re a new home builder or renovating an existing home it’s imperative that your new home is prepared for the range of digital products and digital services available now and equally importantly, those that are to come in the future.

You see, the change from the old analogue world to the new digital world is well and truly upon us. We’ve all made the switch from a walkman to an mp3 or mp4 player, film cameras have been replaced with digital cameras, anything other than a 1080p Full HD TV is absolutely unacceptable and the list goes on and on.

Tecktonix & Volcanix Activity
NOT the cause of flight delays. Krix's main focus in R&D of late has been on nthe release of our two new subwoofer models, and in particular the finalisation of the amplifier module used to drive them.
50W Halogen LED
The Brightgreen D900 is the world's first halogen equivalent LED downlight. It has the same light quality of a 50W halogen & has a brightness of 900lm, a colour temperature of 3000k & a 5° beam width.


3D Projectors
Larger-than-life 3D Projectors. Experience larger-than-life 3D with the latest 3D projectors from CEDIA 2010, which provide a bigger picture than today's LCD and plasma screens can stretch.




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