Niles Georealistic Rock and Planter Speakers

Tue, 10 Apr 2012

Niles have introduced the next generation of outdoor speakers designed to deliver an audiophile-quality performance outdoors, in a case that is strong enough to stand up to anything that
Mother Nature can deliver!

With Niles' signature rugged design and long-lasting materials, the GeoRealistic Pro Series rock and planter speakers are engineered to deliver the highest quality audio fidelity and weather any outdoor climate.

All of the rock speakers are designed from real rocks. The Niles development team have travelled the country to find real rocks that matched the look they wanted for the speakers, then handcrafted custom moulders to match. Only Mother Nature could do better!

Engineered with a focus on durability, the GeoRealistic Pro Series speakers feature a new NoFade protective finish and a new four-layer fibreglass weave, ensuring that the speakers are at least five times more durable and long-lasting than the current model of rock speakers, even under the most extreme UV conditions. The advanced conformal coatings on the crossover boards will protect the speakers against moisture, dust, and chemicals, assuring proper electrical connections even in the harshest environments.

The GeoRealistiv Pro Series is available in four different models:
5" RS5Pro
6" RS6Pro
6" RS6SiPro with dual tweeter
8" RS8SiPro with dual tweeter

Each model is available in five different colours; granite, speckled granite, sandstone, coral and shale brown.


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