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Why should your new home be a Digital Smart Home?

If you’re a new home builder or renovating an established home the results of not preparing for digital services and digital devices will be as severe as not preparing for electricity. Would you agree that the people who said they would never own a mobile phone now have one? Or those who believed the computer had no place in the home now have a laptop? The analogue world is coming to an end and without a structured cabling design preparing your new home for the digital world you will be disappointed with the options available to you. In addition to this, should you come to sell your home you will find that people would have come to expect some level of digital preparedness just like they have come to expect a hot water system.

Digital technology plays a significant part in the lifestyle we enjoy today in and out of the home and this is only going to increase. A structured cabling design is as important as any of the other design elements that are considered when building a new home. In fact it is the technology that you will use every day to save energy, entertain, feel secure and enhance the look and ambience of your new home. Yes, you will walk on your tiles everyday and turn those expensive taps in your bathroom but, it’s the home theatre, the home audio, the home entertainment system and the digital media player that will take living in your new home to whole new level of fun for the whole family!

Structured cabling packages can start from as little as $2,000.00 and depending on the size of your home, your lifestyle and budget, into the tens of thousands. A qualified professional will assist you in designing a structured cabling package removing any stress or guess work you would have experienced otherwise, that incorporates the items that are important for your lifestyle.

Put simply if you’re a new home builder its crazy not to include at least some level of structured cabling in your new home.

Tecktonix & Volcanix Activity
NOT the cause of flight delays. Krix's main focus in R&D of late has been on nthe release of our two new subwoofer models, and in particular the finalisation of the amplifier module used to drive them.
50W Halogen LED
The Brightgreen D900 is the world's first halogen equivalent LED downlight. It has the same light quality of a 50W halogen & has a brightness of 900lm, a colour temperature of 3000k & a 5° beam width.


3D Projectors
Larger-than-life 3D Projectors. Experience larger-than-life 3D with the latest 3D projectors from CEDIA 2010, which provide a bigger picture than today's LCD and plasma screens can stretch.


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